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Eden Church, in partnership with (un)adopted through Lifeline Ministries
is proud to offer an October 2021 mission to Ukraine.
This mission’s focus is the dire need for missionaries
to serve orphaned and vulnerable children.
So what exactly is an orphaned or vulnerable child?
The official definition of an orphan is “a child aged zero to 17 years whose mother, father, or both have died”. There are, however, other children who are referred to as social orphans even though one or both their parents may still be alive. The parents may have been unable to perform parental duties because of illness or acute poverty, among other reasons. A vulnerable child is defined as being under the age of 18 years and currently at high risk of lacking adequate care and protection.
Characteristics of children defined as vulnerable: orphaned by the death of one or both parents; abandoned by parents; living in extreme poverty; living with a disability; affected by armed conflicts; abused by parents or their caregivers; malnourished due to extreme poverty; HIV-positive; those marginalized, stigmatized, or even discriminated against.
All vulnerable children have a common denominator: they have no reliable social safety networks to depend upon in order to adequately manage the risk to which they are daily exposed.
Orphan and Vulnerable Children Statistics:
Most research concurs that there are more than 153 million orphans worldwide.
When vulnerable children are included in that statistic, that number rises to more than 200 million.
On average, 38,000 children age out of institutions worldwide every single day. The vast majority of these children have no education, no job skills, no life skills, and most devastating, no knowledge of the gospel.
Of these 38,000 children, roughly 60% of the girls will end up in some form of human trafficking,
70% of the boys will engage in some form of criminal activity, and 10-15% will commit suicide be- fore the age of 18.
The crisis is clear. God has not given governments the charge to care for the orphan.
He has given the Church the charge to care for the orphan. 
Trip Details:
> OCTOBER 2021 : 6th -15th
> $2600 including airfare.
    NOTE: $450 Dollars Due Every Meeting (Dates Below)

Please see the following schedule for trainings and meetings.All trainings must be attended. No exceptions.

  • March 14th – Interest Meeting
  • April 25th – ONLINE APPLICATIONS DUE! – Training – Meeting 1
  • May 30th – Eden Training – Meeting 2
  • June 27th – Lifeline Training – Meeting 3
  • July 25th – Lifeline Training – Meeting 4
  • August 29thLifeline Training – Meeting 5
  • September 26thLifeline Training – Meeting 6