Where Can God Use Your Gifts?



The Eden Project is our College Ministry, led by Austin Hammock, that focuses on those individuals between the ages of 18-25. We are devoted to assisting college-aged students in discovering and maintaining their life’s passion and calling through promoting a Christ-centered approach to school, work, and relationships. Contact for more information.


theGroup is our Youth Ministry, led by Michael Rossi that focuses on those individuals who are in middle school and high school. We are devoted to helping students know the importance in excelling in school and relationships in order to prepare them for their future and bring glory to God. Contact for more information.


The Garden is our Children Ministry, led by Brenda Reed, that focuses on planting your children in the truth and love of Jesus Christ at an early age. We are devoted to starting your children’s journey of faith in the knowledge of God and the love of His servants. Contact for more information.


Eden Harvest is our Evangelism Ministry, led by Haley Reed, that is devoted to harvesting souls for Jesus Christ. Our goal is to plant, water, and harvest seeds of truth and love in every person we come into contact. We offer Relational, Servant, and Social Media Evangelism guidance and instruction, so your personality will always have an initial comforting home to begin sharing your faith for the glory of God. Contact for more information.


As Jesus Christ came to serve and offer His life as a sacrifice for all of humanity, we at Eden Church are rooted in serving others and laying our lives down for our neighbors. Our Servants Ministry, led by Lindsay Doggett, Mike Smith, Brianna Marie David, and Gary Hudgins, goes out into the community throughout the month to meet the needs of various projects in the community to reveal the light of Jesus in humble service. Contact for more information.


Eden Harbor is our Discipleship Ministry, led by Brandon Reed, that is devoted to bringing people into a place of refuge and safety, so they can feel loved, accepted, and have an opportunity to grow in their faith with Jesus Christ. We offer a variety of Harbor Life Groups, from in-depth Bible study & nutrition to finance & sports. If you have a passion, we have a group for you to join. Contact for more information.


Runner-Up is our Sports Ministry led by Michael Rossi, Michael Fuller, and Blake Reed. Through sports, we hope to connect with athletes all over the city and show them that Jesus Christ continues to be with us on the field, the court, and the track. Our current sports’ teams you can join are Ultimate Frisbee and Basketball. Contact for more information.


Perspectives is our Creative Media Ministry, led by Matt Reed and Brandon Reed, that focuses on making our Technology, Website, and Social Media top notch. We hope that our Media allows you to see a different perspective in your day-to-day hustle, and these men and women are determined to make this a reality. Contact for more information.


Our Fine Arts Ministry is led by Blake Reed, and it focuses on allowing middle and high school students to use their gifts of Drama, Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Photography, Human Video, Sign Language, Instrumental, and many more to bring God glory. Fine Arts provides a look at the Arts like you have never seen before. Contact for more information.


The quickest way to God is through prayer. It does not matter whether your eyes are opened or closed, if you are on your knees or standing, or even the format in which you pray. What matters is your heart and God’s power. Blake Reed leads our Prayer Ministry, and his team is devoted to praying over our Church and your requests multiple times, each and every week. Contact for more information or if you have a prayer request in need of answering or praise report in need of sharing.


Where things of this world will pass away, worshiping and praising God will never cease. Our Worship Band is led by Ryan Doggett, and they are committed to bring you the most authentic yet grooviest sounds around. The band has a passion for music, and their voices and talents usher us into a time of worship each Sunday. Contact for more information.


Restoration is our Highlighting the Oppressed Ministry, led by Brandon Reed, who is committed to making a difference in those individuals’ lives that society overlooks: the mentally handicapped, the alcoholic, the homosexual, the prostitute, the homeless, and anyone else that may be currently or has in the past gone through a struggle. Their goal is to restore lives for the glory of God. Contact for more information.