you're welcome here

“We are so glad that you have stopped by to check out the heartbeat behind Eden Church, and we hope you see our passion for Jesus and the Good News of His Gospel message. If you are looking for a community, you are welcome at Eden. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come and participate or ask questions about what Christianity and The Gospel is all about. If you are already a believer, but need edification and support, we welcome you to come and join our congregation!
Eden Church is a Bible-believing, God-glorifying, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled church in Columbus, Georgia that is rooted in Loving God and Loving People through Serving them as Jesus has served us, so we are able to Reach the Lost and Teach the Found: the genuine meaning behind the message of the Cross. Truth, love, and sacrificial service allows us to Develop the Business of the Church through taking the Good News of the Gospel outside of the Church walls and into the community, so we are able to highlight those individuals that society and sin continually oppress.

Not only do we focus on loving, serving, reaching, teaching, developing, and highlighting, but we also center on family. Being a part of Eden Church gets you free coffee and fun times, but it more importantly allows you to belong to a body of people that will encourage, support, and edify you on a day-to-day basis. This family wants you to realize the full potential God has granted you and to help you grow into the person He has called you to be. We love you, and God loves you even more!”

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