The Wishing Well

Aimlessly searching for water, he stumbled upon a faded well. He was tired, dehydrated, burnt, had little food, and his camel was near death. As he starts to sip, he begins to slowly become replenished.

More drink, more drink, the pure water is almost gone. An exclamation of, I wish this well had more rung out, and the levels began to rise. Why is it now rising, he began to wonder? Could it be a wishing well? The water rises all the way to the brim of the well, much more than when he first came across it.

I wish I had an abundance of food, and it was given to him. New camel, a young thoroughbred camel with six humps appeared before him. New clothes and he was instantly well dressed. A beautiful wife and she appeared. A nice place to stay and the Taj Mahal replica arose from the sand. What he didn’t realize is that the more he wished for the lower the water level sank.

After eating a feast with his wife and enjoying their luxuries, he goes out to the well for some water, but it is gone. I wish for more water, he shouted but nothing. Having water in the well is what allowed the wishes to be fulfilled. Day after day passed, his wife became ill, his camel fell sick, his clothes became filthy, and his house lost its shine. Why has this happened?

A voice reveals, “The water from the well is what gives life. Without the water, there is no power. You can’t keep your wife and camel healthy or your clothes and house clean. When you allow the water to only be important during times of famine and dehydration and not important continuously it can easily be forgotten until it is too late.”

       “What do I do? If I don’t get more water, we will surely die. I only wish that we all be well.”

       “Declare with your mouth, it can be given unto you, and believe in your heart, and you will be saved.”

       “I declare and believe it!” he resounded.

And just as surely as he did, the well was filled. He took water to his wife and his camel and then took some for him. Something had changed though. No matter how much they drank, or how much they used, the level never lowered. It stayed the same day after day, year after year, and they never thirsted again.

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