The One

       Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, your future husband/wife, Martin Luther King, Jr., Leondardo da Vinci, Socrates, your mama, William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali, Bill Gates, who is The One?

       Well that’s simple; it is brilliant physicist Albert Einstein because without him there would be no theory of relativity preventing the establishment of E=mc^2. Nonsense, it is with out a doubt MLK Jr., for if he hadn’t taken the stance against the advancement of civil right equality, blacks would still be under racial persecution and labeled inferior beings. Well my mama said that everyone in the world will always let you down, but she will be there until the end. There is nothing like a mother’s love. Michael Jordan is a 6x NBA Finals MVP and Champion, a 14x All-Star, and has 2 Olympic Gold Medals. Is there really a competition?

       It seems as if, in today’s society, when individuals are asked who is The One, numerous interpretations pop into their minds. Bill Gates is consistently back and forth as the richest man on the planet; he is The One. Abraham Lincoln was one of the most influential presidents in our nation’s history; he must be The One. Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer of all time; he is The One. Yet you think about each of these people mentioned, and you realize; all they are is merely people. They have/had superior intelligence, excellent athletic ability, astonishing intuition and incredible interpersonal skills, but they also got sick, were persecuted for their actions and beliefs, and some even murdered because of what they stood for. There are two certainties I can tell you about each of these influential beings. They will live and will die, if not already the latter, and regardless of their notoriety of today or of the future none of them will ever be The One.

       See The One is changeless. He is The One today, He was The One yesterday, and He will be The One tomorrow. For The true One wrote superior intelligence, He designed excellent athletic ability, He prescribed astonishing intuition, and He established incredible interpersonal skills. The One became sick of His children’s actions and sent His Son to bare their mistakes, He was persecuted for having The Correct Belief and continued to walk tall, and He was murdered because of The One he stood for, yet He had every ability to resist His agonizing death. He died, but He still lives today because the grave and death could not begin to fathom how to preserve The One. Mahatma Gandhi didn’t come up from the grave, Socrates did not once walk again with the living after death took him; William Shakespeare didn’th naught ascendeth til heaventh. Because the only one that is capable of such feats is The One, and that One is Jesus Christ.

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