sometimes it only takes one week
#ONEWEEK is an annual week-long local mission in your hometown of Columbus, GA.
Throughout this week, we aim to serve like we see in Matthew 25.
In his parables and wisdom, Jesus tells us if we are in the faith,
we will serve the hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick and imprisoned.
Please see the following breakdown of the ways you can get involved this week! Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join any of the events!


Sunday, July 17th – Hosted at Eden Church

          3021 Sandy Parkway, Columbus GA 31909

  • 12:30 Volunteer Lunch provided by Subway
  • 2-3pm: Training
  • 3-4pm: Book-Bag Stuffing
  • 4-5pm: Intimate Worship and Prayer
  • 6:30-8pm: Break for Dinner in Columbus


Monday, July 18th – at Midtown Coffee

     1342 13th Street, Columbus, GA 31901

  • 11-12pm: Lunch with Fire Chiefs at Midtown
  • 6:30-8:30pm: Bible Study at Midtown

Tuesday, July 19th – at Easterseals

           2515 Double Churches Rd, Columbus, GA 31909

    • 11-12pm: Lunch with Easterseals at Cerrone’s Pizza
    • 4-5pm: Prayer & Worship
    • 5-6pm: Set-Up
    • 6:30-8:30pm: Easterseals Yard Work and Landscaping Volunteering

Wednesday, July 20th – at Northside Softball Fields

     2010 American Way, Columbus, GA 31909

  • 11-12pm: Lunch with Police at Minnie’s Downtown
  • 4-5pm: Prayer & Worship
  • 5-6pm: Set-Up
  • 6:30-8:30pm: Kickball Runner-Up 



Thursday, July 21st – at Freedom House and Damascus Way

            Freedom House: 7200 Manor Road, Columbus GA 31907
            Damascus Way: 1200 11th Ave, Columbus, GA 31901

    • 11-12pm: Lunch SafeHouse & Damascus Way at Momma Goldberg’s
    • 4-5pm: Prayer & Worship (see locations)
    • 5-6pm: Set-Up (see locations)
    • 6:30-8pm: SafeHouse and Damascus Way Events 
Friday, July 22nd – at Cascade Hills Park
           982 56th St, Columbus, GA 31904
    • 10am-11pm: Book-bag Stuffing at Eden Church
    • 11-12pm: Lunch with Family Advocacy Ministries at Jason’s Deli
    • 4-5pm: Prayer & Worship
    • 5-6pm: Set-Up
    • 6:30-8:30pm: Family Advocacy Ministry
        • (Live Music and Prayer, Play Grounds, Popsicles, Water Games…)


Saturday, July 23rd – at M2540

         3406 6th Avenue Columbus, GA

  • 9-11pm: Big Event Set-up
  • 11-2pm: Community Event / Festival
      • (Water Games, Bounce Houses, Food, Face Paint…)
  • 2-4pm: Breakdown and Clean-up