eden to montana
This Summer, Eden Church is proud to support a local church
in Montana on a Native American Reservation.
July 2nd – July 9th
Pablo Baptist Church desperately needs volunteer assistance to serve their surrounding area.
We are called to help their ministries, and to be the hands and feet for their vision to move forward.
Christ’s followers are better together, so we are happy to announce that our next mission
is to help this church physically and spiritually this season.
Why do Native Americans on Reservations need assistance?
The suffering of the Native American Culture is not a new discovery. Since the Great Depression, the Native American society has been left out of economic and societal prosperity by state and federal government laws and programs. This concoction of government laissez faire and cultural conflict has lead to an unsupported people group, who have been left on reservations to fend for themselves. These unique circumstances have lead to struggling families and communities, which in turn leads to violence, substance abuse, and lower morale due to the generational decline.
Native Americans on reservations suffer from some of the highest rates of:
      • Poverty (27% of the population)
      • Overcrowding in homes and lack of indoor plumbing
      • Unemployment (as high as 69%)
      • School drop outs (about 54%)
      • Child mortality
      • Rate of suicide
      • Rate of teenage suicide (plus, and additional percentages of attempts)
      • Teenage pregnancy
      • Lowest life expectancy ( 55 years)
      • Alcohol related mortality
      • Violent homicide and suicide (75% of all deaths from age 12-20)
      • Youth arrest rates (3x national average)
      • Violence and sexual assault against women (3.5x as likely as other ethnic groups).
The crisis is clear.
There is a deep spiritual and physical need on reservations that requires immediate attention.
We are being called to help local churches and organizations to support these people.
The United States of America is one of the only 1st World Countries left
to harbor unreached People Groups.
(Today there are at least 200 unreached Native American people groups in the U.S. and Canada.)
While some Native Americans KNOW of Jesus,
the cultural significance has yet to be fully absorbed into daily living.
native american photos
Below is information on the churches and ministries we will be supporting on this trip.
Pablo Baptist Church – Pablo, Montana
Flathead Indian Reservation
Kelly and Erica Mitchell Pastor and Ministry Leader for 8 years at Pablo Baptist.
Needs on the Reservation:
Prayers for Gods light to shine in these dark places.
This area suffers from high suicide rates, substance abuse and homelessness.
Church staff are in need of support and pouring into.
3 small towns on the Reservation:
     Pablo / Ronan / Polson
3 Native American Tribes in Pablo:
     Salish / Kootenai / Pen d’Oreille
Proposed Mission 2022 Ideas
>Cross Cultural Relationships: attend the Arlee POW WOW Celebration (over 4th of July weekend)
>Possible Basketball Tournament for youth
>Find needs while the celebration is going on. Coloring, crafts, community clean-ups. 
>Possible basketball Clinic and lessons throughout the week
>People Cultural Center – learning days for basic life skills: 1-2 times a week.
>Community interest and outreach such as evangelism and house visits
> July 2022 : 2nd – 9th
> $1,100 including airfare.
    NOTE: $$$ Due on select dates below.
Please see the following schedule for trainings and meetings. 
         All trainings must be attended. No exceptions.
fundraising info
Here are some tools to help you get started on FUNdraising!
Before you begin reading, please note that we politely ask that you avoid asking fellow church members for support. There are over 20 people from Eden going to Montana, and it will be difficult for our small congregation to support everyone. Please try to focus your outreach and fundraising outside of Eden to family and friends and anyone else in Columbus, your hometown, and the world! However, if someone at Eden approaches you wanting to support you, you are welcome to any of their offerings!
  •  Keep track of your supporters using an excel sheet or chart! Your supporters will need to be thanked, so keep track of everyone so you can send them a thank-you note or message! Thanking your supporters not only shows your appreciation, but is also a great way to keep them updated on your success and the impact you and God are making on your trip!
  • Start getting people excited about buying Montana Shirts! Post this graphic on your facebook and start selling these shirts to your family and friends! You are responsible for picking up your shirts, and getting your customers their shirts. You are also responsible for making sure they pay Eden or you directly.
  • Download and start asking people to black out a Support box! People love seeing Progress, so download this PDF and allow your sponsors to color in their donation box! Ask your supporter if they’d like to give their box amount one time, or monthly! Post your support Box Chart on social media to show everyone your progress!