Well, it is 3:20am Tuesday morning, and today is the day that our Website goes live. For my fellow night owls, the struggle of waking up early is real. I really cannot fathom or even partially understand how people, like my beautiful girlfriend, can wake up so early. The imaginative juices do not start flowing until after midnight, and then you get introductory blogs like this one.
It has been a long several months, and the journey is certainly just beginning. When God called me away from Medical School and into Ministry, it was shocking to the mind but soothing to the heart. I had always wanted to be a doctor, but God had always wanted me to be a pastor. I wanted to help people physically, extending their lives for a couple months or years, but God wanted me to extend peoples’ spiritual lives for eternity through sharing the Good News of His Son, Jesus Christ. Answering the phone and accepting the calling God placed on my life was nerve-wracking but has certainly, thus far, been rewarding.
August 2013 – August 2014 I read the Bible all the way through for the first time in my life. It was a chronological read, and yes Leviticus was a struggle, but truly not as much as the Samuels, Kings, and Chronicles. The stories and theological prose is fantastic; the repetition, not so much. But as I sat reading one day in the Spring of 2014, God spoke clearly to me: “If you become a physician, that will be great. Luke was a physician, and He wrote one of my Gospels. And as a physician, you can extend peoples’ physical lives for months and maybe even years. But if you go into ministry and become a pastor, you can extend peoples’ spiritual lives for eternity.”
Touché God. And the rest is history. I started Seminary in the Fall of 2014 and graduated with my Master of Theological Studies in December, and only have another year and a half until I receive my Master of Divinity. Having the science and psychology background, I love theology and apologetics, so please bring all questions, dialogue, and thoughts regarding the two disciplines. But then again, it is exciting to talk about anything: sports, food, sleep (which I probably should be off to get). Just wanted to drop in and say hello, so our website has at least one blog. Oh yeah, and my first book The Eden Project: Taking Back the Cross of Christ in College Universities should be published and out for purchase by the end of the year. I think I can get used to this blogging thing! Hope everyone has a wonderful week! God Bless! (Genesis 50:20)
Pastor, Wannabe Physician
Brandon Reed